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My absolute fav Xmas video! HAHAHAH

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Please stop invalidating


death. A death is a death, and no one will ever know how a person may have impacted someone’s life. He or she may have been very important to someone, and they can be sad about it if it affects them. Yes, there are many people dying around the world, but putting down someone’s death for the upbringing of others is wrong for me. Whoever it is, let them be.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Lakers Sign Kobe Bryant To Two-Year Extension

Terms of the deal haven’t been released, but it’s believed to be for $48.5 million, keeping him as the highest-paid player in the NBA over the course of the extension.

The contract gives the Lakers the flexibility to sign one top free agent in this summer’s free agency. It’ll also make Kobe the league’s longest tenured player with one team, with 20 years. John Stockton played 19 years with the Utah Jazz.

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